Remote Starts

Starting at $300.00

Let's face it we live in a crazy time, not just with everything socially going on but the weather as well. Our winters get to below freezing and our summers get way too hot. Let us help you ease the frustration by installing one of our reliable and convenient remote start systems. 

With a remote start you will no longer have to brave the cold weather to go warm up your vehicle before going to work, or get into an oven after running your errands. with a push of a button you can warm up or cool down your rig. And with our well trained and mobile service technicians you don't have to worry about getting to and from a shop, that's right we can do this installation right at your home or office! 

Whether it is summer or winter let us offer you the convenience of a Compustar remote start system. These are a great way to warm up or cool down your rig before you get in it and we can offer them to you much cheaper that the dealership. With systems that can work with your factory key fob (select vehicle only) to ones that have a range of across the country we are sure to have a package that will suit your desires and budget. Looking for some extra security ask us about our upgrades that we offer.
On top of the killer convenience you get with a remote start it is actually good for your vehicle as well. allowing your engine to warm up before driving it will allow it to become properly lubricated and not put as much stress on your engine and transmission saving you costly repairs in the future.